About Us

My name Gwenaëla Konstantinov. Parisian at heart, I live today in Sofia, Bulgaria. I am 39, I am married and I have a little boy of 6 years, Paul.

Self-taught, I spent several years in the commercial field at large French fashion houses in Paris. In April 2016, I embarked into the creation of clothes to realize a project that has been dear to my heart for years and to my joy Panami brand was born.

Fascinated since childhood by fashion, particularly by T-shirts, charmed by the "French elegance" and the chic and Parisian glamor, I wanted to begin this adventure along with the help of  for henchmen.

Miro my husbandm, Poly stylist, Sissi graphics, Krassi designer and myself. Us 5, we form a complementary team, each giving their hand and creativity to give the brand its originality.

This collection shows moments of my life, expressions reflect some of those of my son, which some of you may already have experienced and will make you smile, I hope.

The shirts were designed, manufactured and printed in Bulgaria. Each piece has been carefully crafted to measure, weighting the tissue just right, with special attention given to the area of ​​the label.

Passionate embroidery I'll show you in the collections to come, traditional Bulgarian embroidery on blouses, dresses and shirts.

I hope this collection will bring a little happiness in your everyday life as it has given me delight through all of its realization...



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